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NOV 2015 23
  • 23 NOV 2015

Joining Facebook Area Specific Groups can ensure your properties get much more exposure on Facebook. We’d love to explain a bit more about them.

Facebook Area Specific Groups are groups that focus around a theme or suburb or city where people post related information. They can be very big with some like SA Property Investors Network having 30 108 members or they can be more niche. We have seen that sharing properties to these groups generates significant exposure and lots of traffic to your agency website.

Facebook Area Specific Groups can only be joined by Personal Facebook Profiles (not by your Facebook Business Page) So, to capitalise on this exposure you need to:
  1. Find the groups from your Personal Facebook Profile (we can help as it’s not always easy).
  2. Join the groups (newcomers to most groups have to be approved by the group admin).
  3. Feed your properties to Facebook via your web-box Admin Console.
  4. Share them from Facebook to the Facebook Area Specific Groups you have chosen to join.

If you haven’t setup your Facebook Feed yet, make sure you read our blog post on setting up your New Facebook Feed. You can also ask web-box to manage your Facebook Updates for you. This is at a set extra monthly rate, so contact us to chat about it if you’re interested.

Have fun exploring Facebook!

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