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We continuously refine and add new features to our websites. See our blog posts below.

JUN 2022 15

Email addresses removed from Lite Sites

15 JUN 2022

Recent industry norms have been to not display email addresses on websites. This is to stop bots and people from copying the email addresses off websites and then sending spam, scamming or phishing emails to them. Phishing emails attempt to get the recipient to enter their email password, enabling the hacking of their email account. 

You will note that Property 24, Private Property and many other estate agency websites do not display email addresses anymore.

We have now implemented it on our lite sites and we will be rolling it out to our premium sites. The delayed roll-out on the premium sites is due to having to update each of them individually. If you have a premium site and want us to make this change as soon as possible, let us know and we will put you at the front of the queue. 

The changes are as follows. All email addresses on the Contact Page, Property Page and Agent Page have been replaced with a link to a pop-up form in which the agent or agency can be messaged

Form to message agent.

When this is filled out the agent or agency will have the message emailed to them.

Email sent to the agent.

A confirmation email is also automatically sent to the sender.

Confirmation email sent to the sender.

A copy of the email will also be saved to the admin console enabling the principal to see the leads and messages sent.

Record of emails sent in the admin console.

We are confident this will work for you, but should you want to keep the email addresses displayed on your website please contact and we will revert your website to do so.

MAY 2022 13

Refer-a-friend policy reminder

13 MAY 2022

We want to remind you of our ongoing refer-a-friend policy.


If you send a friend our way and they sign up with WEB-BOX, both you and the friend you referred will get a 50% discount off your monthly subscription fee for 3 months. All your friend needs to do, for you both to benefit from this amazing offer, is to let us know that you were the one who recommended us.

We hope this perk will help you boldly share your love of web-box!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

APR 2022 21

New Lite Site template

21 APR 2022

We are proud to present our beautiful new Lite Site template - Enhanced Lite.

Enhanced Lite template.

This template is in addition to our existing Lite Site template known as the Classic Lite template. 

You can see an example of the Enhanced Lite template here.

The new-look includes:
  • a solid top header section
  • a property search bar on the main image
  • larger menu icons
  • a more prominent property alert sign up
If you are currently on the Classic Lite template and would like to switch to Enhanced Lite, you can do so at a cost of R1400 + VAT. 

Please email us at if you want to make the switch.

MAR 2022 29

Property Practitioners Act Compliance

29 MAR 2022

 The Property Practitioners Act which recently came into effect requires that the wording “Registered with PPRA” must appear on all your marketing material. In order for your website to comply, we have added a setting in your admin console which you will need to enable in order for this to show. 

Choose the show wording from the dropdown.

Once you have enabled it, the wording will appear in the following places:
  • In the footer of your website
  • On your property alert emails
  • On all your property brochures
Another requirement is to change the title Estate Agent to Property Practitioner. You can also do this in the admin console by editing your agent info and updating the “job title” field.

Edit your job title on the edit agent screen.

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us.

JAN 2022 31

Special Facebook offer for WEB-BOX clients

31 JAN 2022


How often do you look up a company on social media before you decide to start dealing with them? It is no different for estate agencies. 

If managed correctly, a Facebook Business Page gives your estate agency the opportunity to show that you have a good reputation in your field and is another platform to showcase your properties.

Running a professional Facebook Business Page is a skill that takes time and effort so why not let a professional help you.

We have lots of experience running Facebook pages for estate agencies so we know what works and what doesn’t. 

To make it even easier for you to upgrade your Facebook Business Page, or to get started on one we are running an exclusive offer on our Facebook packages to all WEB-BOX clients - we are waiving the setup fee - that is a saving of R4250 + VAT. 

The monthly costs for our packages range from  R2590 +VAT to R4 800 + VAT, depending on your needs - you can read more about them here

If you are interested, please email us before 28th February 2022 and we will get back to you.

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