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Blog Post:Gumtree feed live, OLX & Adsdeck down Back to Blog

JUL 2016 07
  • 07 JUL 2016

We are very excited to have our new Gumtree feed setup and believe this will make a big difference.

Property fed from web-box to Gumtree

We have negotiated that you can feed 5 properties through, from your web-box website, for free without having to sign-up with them. In your Admin Console you can choose any 5 or you can simply click “feed 5 newest properties to gumtree”.

Feed 5 newest properties to Gumtree

You can feed more properties by signing up and paying Gumtree as per their Rates Card. If you decide to stick with the 5 free offering we recommend that you at least do the 72 hour Bump Ups for 59 p/m.  The Bump Ups ensure that your properties stay near the top of the ever increasing list of properties displayed. For more information on Gumtree read the Gumtree Feed faq under the Help menu in your Admin Console or view a copy here.

Unfortunately OLX have migrated to a new system which does not have a property feed. They say they are working to fix this and we will let you know as soon as they have done so, but until then this feed is down.

Adsdeck have also stopped accepting properties as they say they are shutting down completely.

We do understand that the feeds are important to you and we are working hard on setting up new ones. We hope to have Immo Africa up in the next couple of months when their new system build gets finished off.

Enjoy trying Gumtree and please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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