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JUL 2015 22
  • 22 JUL 2015

We are thrilled to let you know that we launched a whole new mobile website for our clients. We think they look great and are very proud of them.

Although our standard websites work well on mobile phones, our new mobile websites display the properties optimally for the small screen with big pictures and easy navigation. See for yourself by going to on your phone, you will see it redirects you to A whole new website off a separate web address, which has most, but not all, of the pages of the standard websites.

In setting up the mobile sites we have adhered to best practices as dictated by Google and others. Some of these being: large pictures; large text; easy navigation; SEO considerations; automatically displaying the mobile or the standard website based on the viewing device; links from the mobile site back to the standard website (and visa versa).

Should you want us to setup your mobile website at an additional cost of R100 + VAT per month, please fill out and return the following form or contact us.

As usual we have ensured that our pricing is as affordable as possible and that it is less than that of our competitors.

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