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Blog Post:We’ve made your web-box admin section more secure Back to Blog

APR 2017 13
  • 13 APR 2017

You might have noticed when you log in to your web-box admin that the URL (website address) looks slightly different.

New URL for your web-box admin section

Instead of http at the beginning it now says https, with the ‘s’ standing for secure site. This is because the information travelling between your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera etc) and our server is now encrypted (converted into a code especially to prevent unauthorized access) with the same type of encryption used by banks.

You will also see the Comodo Secure logo at the bottom left of your screen while you are in the admin section. If you click on this logo a pop-up box will appear with our security credentials and some info on just what security this provides.

Comodo Secure Logo

We take your security seriously. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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