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Blog Post:Which of your properties are most popular? Back to Blog

OCT 2016 21
  • 21 OCT 2016

Have ever wondered which of your properties attract the most attention? Your stats page will now be able to show you. This information is a great starting point to help you analyse why these properties are the most popular. Are the photos perhaps better than other listings? Is it particularly good value for money? Or is it just the most desirable area? Could you improve your other listings with this information? We’d be interested to know your views. Why not send us your conclusions.

To see this in action
  1. Go to your Admin Console
  2. Click on Monitoring
  3. Click on Stats
    Stats dropdown in the Admin Console

    1. Scroll down to Pages - URL
    2. Take a look at the number of visitors for each property that has been viewed in the month. 
      Views per property

      1. If you click on one of the property URL’s then that property will open up in a new window, giving you the perfect opportunity to start looking at what makes the property popular.  

      Enjoy and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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